Are Insurance Claims Causing You Worry?

Are Insurance Claims Causing You Worry?

We Offer Homeowners Insurance Assistance in Merritt Island, FL in Surrounding Areas

Has a tropical storm or accidental damage caused roofing problems? Working with your insurance company can be stressful. Johnny T. Wiedmann Roofing can help you handle your insurance claim. We will work with your insurance company so we can get started on repairing your roof ASAP!

The contractors at Johnny T. Wiedmann Roofing know the process of navigating insurance claims in the Merritt Island, FL Area. We will take care of the following:

  1. Contacting the insurance company
  2. Meeting with the insurance adjusters
  3. Helping with paperwork

Let us help you to navigate the process of an insurance claim. We will assess the damage and we will repair or replace your roof based on the amount of damage the roof has suffered. Give us a call at 321-368-7966 so we can get started!